Island of Rab is the southernmost island of the Kvarner where the vegetation is mostly Mediterranean, as you will notice as soon as you step on the island where you will be welcomed by the sound of crickets, pleasant scent of immortelle and low plants that breaks through the sharp rocks. After the bare ferry tock – Mišnjak the island opens up in its power where the vegetation is lush and full of native oak.

Barbat on island Rab

Island of Rab is situated at the foot of the Valet mountain in the lap of Mt. Kamenjak. Velebit protects the island from cold winds and has a beneficial effect on the climate. Rab is an island in the sun where we have 2450 sunshine hours a year, and in June, July and August even ten hours a day. Not so hot summers and not so cold winters make excellent conditions for living and dining on the island of Rab.

Barbat is the first place you face after you leave the ferry. Surrounded by sandy beaches all along the promenade where you can enjoy the small beaches, waterfronts and crystal clear waters, for which we can thank the Barbat Channel and its currents. Newly built 7 km long promenade is ideal for jogging or cycling.

Barbat is a favorite spot for boaters because of the accessibility of ships, vicinity of dry marinas but also shipbuilding that has been successful on Rab since the early 20th century. Early Christian military fortress on the hill of St. Damjan is something that you need to visit. St. Damjan is located on a hill where well-preserved remains of fortifications clearly testify to the rich history of Barbat. Barbat has a feast called “Kamenica”, which is celebrated on July 16th when the hosts take care of the entertainment for tourists by providing a rich cuisine.

Barbat on island Rab